One Sleeve Top

As the summer is winding down, it's time to think about transitioning into autumn. I know, I know, none of us are ready for chillier temperatures but it's bound to happen. 

One way to transition into fall is by incorporating jeans back into your wardrobe. I wear denim all year round but it's the colder months where I tend to live in them. Finding denim for me is really hard. I'm short and curvy. I always have the problem of the waist being big, with the gap in the back, and the legs being too skinny and extra long. After searching many stores, I found that GAP has great fitting jeans for curvy petite women. I'm wearing their 'girlfriend' fit jeans here. They have great stretch and a nice loose fit. It's perfect for just about anything from running errands to going out. 

Another way I change up my wardrobe for fall is by wearing flowy tops with more coverage and warmer colors. This one shoulder long sleeve top is the perfect example. It covers up to keep your warmer but still shows the right amount of skin. The warmer fall colors like beige, burnt orange, and olive green also give it the perfect Autumn vibe. Shop some of my favorite similar pieces below!

Photography by Shays Photography- Shay's Instagram