Spring and Summer 2018 Shoes

When the weather starts getting warm out, I get so excited to wear my spring and summer shoes! They are so much more fun then my winter pairs. This spring/ summer there are a few must-have styles that I think every woman needs to try out. Some are trend driven while others are everyday essentials. Plus, I've linked some of my favorites at a great price for you to easily shop below. 

White Soles:

Krity S x Blazer 3 Ways x Trendy_7.jpg
Krity S x Pink Power Pant Suit x Spring Outfit Trend14.jpg

White shoes/ booties are the "it" shoes for spring/ summer! They look clean, cool, and are a great option to wear instead of the traditional black. Don't worry about getting white shoes dirty either because there are simple ways to clean them. Take an old toothbrush and some baking soda then rub them down. Rinse and repeat and your shoes will be sparkly white again.

Try untraditional materials like patent leather that up the 'cool' factor. Shoe styles like kitten heels, sling backs, pointy pumps, block heel, mules, and booties are all great options for white shoe styles. Shop some of my favorites below! 

Denim Shoes:

Krity S x Denim Daze_12.jpg

Denim fabrics go way beyond clothing these days. I love denim accessories like shoes and bags. These peep toe booties are a great example of denim shoes because they are a light color denim, which make them more spring forward. Look for special details when looking for denim shoes like tassels, frayed edges, hardware, and heel shape. Denim is a staple in the U.S. culture and goes well with everything so you don't have to worry about mis-matching. Shop these exact pair HERE!

Peep Toe Booties:


It's not quite summer, but not winter so what do you wear that's perfect for in between. These booties keep your feet warm but you can show off your pedicure too. Booties these days are an all year round kind of shoe. The only difference once the weather warms up is showing a little extra skin. I recommend looking for booties with a little extra detail like lace up, metal buckles, interesting heel shape, and cool fabrics. Shop these exact pair HERE

Floral Flats:

Floral Flats Betsey Johnson Spring Shoes

Flats are an everyday essential, especially if you live in a city where walking is a must. But flats don't need to be so boring or basic. This spring/ summer, look for a fun printed pair. I love floral pairs like this Betsey Johnson pair because the colors are great and they have a little extra something with the crystals. Floral, stripe, animal, and polka dot prints are also another fun alternative. Shop some of my favorites below

More Mules:

Mules are still going strong so grab another pair this spring or even your first! Trust me, I lived in my mules last summer. I recommend investing in a pair that are 1-3 inch block heel. The block heel style makes it much easier to walk in all day and keeps your balance. I also love mules that are embellished! Whether it’s pearls, crystals, or a broach spice it up. Another alternative are getting a pair with a fun fabric. Today, mules come is satin, linen, patent leather, and suede. Shop some of my favorites below!

Platforms and Espadrilles:

Krity S x Summer Set_8.jpg

Fashion always repeats itself and platforms are back and here to stay for a while. Surprisingly, platforms are also easy to walk in. They provide the foot an extra cushion of support. They also give you height (which I have no problem with haha). Platforms are great flat shoes as well as fancy party heels.

Espadrilles are a summer classic! Perfect for vacations, the beach, or just a weekend walk. The natural earthy looks gives an instant summer feel. Plus they are comfortable and let your feet breathe. 

Kitten Heels:

Krity S x Winter Workwear 10.jpg

A trendy heel that is actually walkable. I have no complaints about that. Kitten heels were very trendy back in the 40's and 50's and they are back! Kitten heels today have been modernized and come in cooler heel shapes like a cube, clear, or even a ball shape. They are a great heel option for the office or any other event. Shop some of my favorites below


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Photography by Ashley Gallerani

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post*

Spring/ Summer 2018 Handbags

One item that women need no matter what are handbags! I never leave the house without a handbag. I am also constantly changing my bags around by season and outfit. Whether it's a classic style or something more trendy, these are this seasons hottest styles. Get your hands on these Spring/ Summer hot handbags! I have picked out a few styles that are worth trying out this season- from circle shapes to metal details. There is a style out there for you. Shop some of my favorites on a budget below!

Circle Bag-

It’s the shape of the season! If there’s one trend you want to hit, it’s definitely this! No matter what color, fabric, or size - circles are the new shape. I’m loving this new Brahmin ‘Lane’ cross body bag! First, I love the color. White is a color that goes well with everything! Seriously, everything. Another reason this bag is perfect for spring/ summer is the faux crocodile skin texture. It’s leather and textured so you don’t have to worry about getting this baby dirty. Third, the size is perfect and holds all the necessary essentials. I can even fit a pair of flats if I really need to! Shop this exact Brahmin bag here!

Belt Bag-

If you’re on the run, never feel like you have enough hands, or are looking for something versatile, this is the bag for you!  The easy going everyday essential. I’ve raved about all the reasons belt bags are amazing here but no joke, they are amazing! This Kamilah Willacy one in particular is amazing because it can also be turned into a clutch or a shoulder bag! Three styles in one! How cool is that right?! I’m all about versatility! You can go from running errands all day to date night in a matter of seconds with this bag. Plus this bold colorful print is perfect for Spring/ Summer! The colors are so happy and go well with anything from black to other festive summer colors or patterns. The hardware touch is also really cool and it makes it super easy to open and close the bag. 


This one is a no brainer and it is always in style. A clutch is a must no matter what season it is. However, this summer, try a bold color! Maybe a bright pink, royal blue, yellow, or red. An addition of a colored accessory can complete change a look! Use a clutch to brighten up a look- it's the easiest way to do so. I love clutches of all sizes but recently I've found, that the bigger they are, the easier it is to transport all of my stuff. Also, this Spring/ Summer, try ones that have extra embellishments like fringe or beads. 

Straw Bag-

Get ready for the beach babes because straw bags are still going strong! There is nothing has says "summer" more than a straw bag. Why dive into this trend? The straw bags are super lightweight making it easier to carry heavier items in the summer like your water bottle. Straw bags also come in a nice light neutral color. This makes it easy to match all of your summer clothing. Last but not least, straw bags are perfect to carry on a regular day and you can take it to the beach. Super versatile for spring and summer. 

Pastel -

The delicate colors are a nice twist for spring and summer seasons. If you aren't into bright colors, that is completely fine. Try something a little more subtle like a pretty pastel. The softer pastel palette doesn't scream "look at me" but it politely says "look at me sitting so pretty". Whether you try out a mini bag, cross body, or a square doctor shaped bag, pastels are a pretty addition to any outfit. Pastel bags are also a good color palette to look into when searching for a party piece. Pastel colors look great in sequins and sparkle like no other.  

Metal Handle Handbag-

Simple, minimal, and elegant. This style is a clean look for spring and summer. Metal is the trendy factor here so look out for a piece where the handle is a nice piece. Search for round metal handles, cool zippers, or metal closures. I prefer a sturdy metal but that is still slightly lightweight so it doesn't get too heavy when you carry everything. 

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Photography by Ashley Gallerani

*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post*