New York City Pop Ups

If you have been following me for some time now, you know I love going to pop up museums. They have been popping up all over NYC over the last few months and I have to admit, they are hard to keep track of. To make it easy for you, I’ve lined all of them up for you along with a map of where they are located in the city.

Nightmare Machine

Location: 93 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Schedule: October 3rd, 2018- October 31st, 2018

What: The Nightmare Machine is making all your nightmares come true. Get ready to see UFOs, cockroaches, a graveyard, and jump into hell.

What to Wear: Your best costume!

Cost: $38. Purchase Tickets HERE

Krity S NYC Pop Up Nightmare Machine

The Color Factory

Location: 251 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

Schedule: July 17th, 2018- October 14th, 2018

Monday: 10am-11pm

Tuesday: 10am-11pm

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 10am-11pm

Friday: 10am-11pm

Saturday: 10am-11pm

Sunday: 10am-11pm

What: Color Factory is a pop up that evokes feelings from color. Each room gives you a totally new sensation and if completely different from each other. Get ready for sweet treats, a dance party, a questions maze, blind drawing, and the ultimate ball pit! Artists, creatives, designers have teamed up with Color Factory to tell their unique color stories and engage all of your senses in unexpected ways. This has probably been one of my favorite pop ups yet because each room has a different activity! It’s a pretty colorful playground for adults!

What to Wear: I recommend wear color because after all, this is a pop up all about color! Go all out and wear the rainbow!

Cost: $38. Kids under two are free. Purchase tickets HERE

Rosé  Mansion

Location: 445 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016

Schedule: July 12, 2018 - October 21, 2018. See availability when purchasing tickets. Closed on Tuesdays

What: Rosé Mansion is a pop up all about your favorite summer drink- Rosé. Each room teaches you about how rosé is made in a interesting way. You get to sample different types of rosé from all around the world too! Get ready to swing on crystal chandeliers, sit on a huge thrown, and create your own Rosé!!

What to Wear: I recommend wearing pink! Whether you are a lady or a gentlemen, pink is the best option for this pop up because all the rooms are curated to look pretty next to pink (the color of rosé).

Cost: General admission $45; HAPPY HOUR - $35; $10 off Monday - Friday before 4:30pm. Purchase tickets HERE


Location: 145 W 32nd Street New York, NY 10001

Schedule: Open till November 15th, 2018. Check online for schedule and availability.

What: Are you a fan of candy? If so, this pop up is the one for you! Get ready to be absolutely blown away by what you can create with candy. I was shocked by what the artists did. Think Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. Thousands of hours were spent to create this pop up and it is worth it! If you have kids, they will love this pop up. I felt like the pop up was more curated for kids but adults who have an inner child in them still will love it too. Get ready for the biggest sugar high of your life because they hand out tons of candy along the way.

What to Wear: This pop up is so colorful and has the craziest backdrops that you might want to opt out for a simple outfit. Stick to head to toe of a single color like black and white.

Cost: Adults: $34 Kids ages; 4-12yrs: $26. Purchase tickets HERE

Room For Tea

Location: 371 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Schedule: Aug 28 - Sep 22. 2018

What: 5 rooms + 14 highlights all inspired by bubble tea! If you love bubble tea, then this pop up is a must!! You get to experience rooms that relate back to bubble tea and also experience a tea ceremony! Plus, at the end of the pop up you get a full sized bubble tea. The tea was really yummy and perfect for a hot day! I accidentally got the tea in the beginning so make sure not to do that because I had to chug my tea down haha

What to Wear: For Room for Tea, all the rooms are so different from each other that I recommend wearing something very neutral. Even a classic look like jeans and a white T-shirt will work well in each room.

Cost: $23 general admission ; $33 for additional 40 minute tea ceremony; kids under 4 yrs old are free. Purchase tickets HERE

Madhatter Bus

Location: 173 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Schedule: Open till October 21st, 2018; Generally open 6-10pm

What: A two hour experience down the rabbit hole. Take a trip out to Bushwick if you want to totally escape from New York and into a fairy tale book, but with a lot of alcohol and laughter incorporated. This is not your G-rated version of Alice in Wonderland. My two hours spent on this double decker bus was absolutely magical! We created potions, ate mini cucumber sandwiches, played drinking games, and even made a new song with the help of the incredibly talented hosts. I also made a few knew friends along the way. This was by far one of the funnest experiences I have been to in New York and highly recommend checking it out before it closes!!

What to Wear: Since this is an Alice in Wonderland inspired experience, dress up like your favorite characters from the book.

Cost: $50 includes cocktails. Purchase tickets HERE

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.15.28 PM.png

Winky Lux

Location: 430 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Schedule: Calendar is open till the end of November 2018

What: A pop up inside the Winky Lux store. The makeup brand has created six different rooms that relate back to some of their most popular makeup products. you will get to take photos on some of the prettiest painted rooms and get to know more about the makeup brand. Test out all the products because they have a lot to choose from. My favorite room was the mini dollhouse with the tea party set up!

What to Wear: For this pop up I recommend wearing a color or set of colors in the pink or purple family. The rooms are all so different (some rooms are more vibrant while others are more pastel) but you’ll compliment each room in pinks or purples. Plus, make sure to pick out one of your favorite Winky Lux products at the end of your visit. I’m loving my new matcha lip balm!

Cost: $10 but the ticket credited for a purchase at the store. Purchase Tickets HERE

Past Pop Ups

29 Rooms:

Location: Brooklyn

Schedule: Closed. Returns in September 2019

What: This pop up only comes around once a year to New York and it’s usually during the second and third week of September. So keep your eyes peeled for next years pop up. Make sure to grab your tickets early because they sell out pretty quick. 29 rooms is a pop up Refinery 29 created where there are 29 rooms with different messages. Whether it’s political, all about female power, beauty, music, art, health- they cover all the topics! You’ll feel a different emotion in each room and you’ll leave the experience learning something new. 

What to Wear: I recommend wearing a couple or colors from the primary group here. Yes, let’s go back to elementary school here for a minute. Primary colors consist of blue, red, and yellow. Each room is so different from each other but the standard colors are incorporated in each room so you can’t go wrong!

Cost: $30-40

29 rooms

The Pint Shop

Happy Go Lucky:

Dream Machine:

Dream Machine Pop Up
Dream Machine Pop Up



Until next the next pop up….

New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

Twice a year, New York City hosts fashion week displaying the newest trends, fabrics, colors, setting the mood for the next season. The streets are filled with men and women dressed up showcasing some of their best street style. Photographers flock the scene to capture the best angles. It is a fun (and tiring) time of year but there is nothing else like it. I'm sharing looks from some of the shows I attended and what I feel like will be trending this Fall. I'm also sharing my NYFW looks with you and where to shop them. 

Gilt x Chanel Iman debut of BLAKUS: and supermodel Chanel Iman celebrated the US debut of BLAKUS, a Parisian accessories brand. The launch event displayed a special presentation of beautifully handcrafted small and large backpacks, crossbody bags, and a belt bag style. Each piece had amazing embellishment, using intricate beading alongside delicate studs and dramatic fringe to create unique handbags that are true works of art. My personal favorite is the belt bag with leather fringe! It is cute and incredibly easy to wear. The collection ranges in price from $710 to $2,540, and the collection officially is sold exclusively on

Gilt Blakus Bag

Epson Digital Couture:

Epson hosted its fourth annual Epson "Digital Couture" Fashion event this NYFW. Thirteen selected designers from the Americas showcased their collections created using Epson's direct-to-garment and digital dye-sublimation printing around the theme "Cosmopolitan Couture with Impossible Colors: How Does Your Culture Dress-up?"

The new trend, digital dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment technologies, are allowing designers to alter textile designs, make color selections with the click of a mouse, and hone in on the fine details of their creations. As a designer myself, not having to think about the technical issues of printing give a big relief to truly be able to focus on the design itself. That is exactly what the designers did at this presentation! Each print had a story- some were bright and happy, others were mysterious and dark, others were quirky and fun. The prints truly showed the personalities of each designer and their brand. 

Day 1: February 8, 2018

Manhattan Knights Presentation: 

Designer Samuel Murkofsky showcased a casual wardrobe for the millennial culture this NYFW. The brand, Manhattanknights derives from and is inspired by a deep love for New York, its culture, its people and its humor.  ManhattanKnights' current collection was inspired by the designers times spent in New York City at the turn of the millennium.  It referenced popular styles and statements of the late 90's period but re-invented for the "now" generation. The collection looked like the current day uniform for young profeesionals. My personal favorite was the pink matching set!

Images by Dan Lecca

Pamella Rolland:

Pamella Rolland always displays the most beautiful collection during NYFW. The show never disappoints! Rolland displayed another feminine, powerful, whimsical collection. The collection was filled with rich metallic brocades, gorgeous shiny beads, fringe, feathers, delicate laceses, and flowy chiffons. I loved how gowns floated down the runway. The movement in the fabrics created great drama. The beaded fringe dresses shined brilliantly and I could not keep my eyes off the the gorgeous details. The ostrich feathers floating made me feel like I was on another planet. This was one of my favorite collections during New York Fashion Week! 

Images from Ashley Gallerani


I wore a white graphic t-shirt, wool blazer, beaded tier skirt, finishing the look off with lace pumps with bow. For accessories I wore a silver reflective pair of sunglasses and crystal chandelier earrings. Shop the look below.

Day 3: February 10, 2018

Dan Liu:

Dan Liu presented a romantic Parisian inspired collection this NYFW. The mood was set my a mysterious James Bond in Paris soundtrack. Models wore a bold red lip with sunglasses. Beautiful shades of pink came down the runway. Pink will definetly be a big color this upcoming spring and fall. My favorite look was the off the shoulder mikado fit and flare party dress with the big bow in the back. 

Maybelline Makeup Master Class Event:

I attended the first ever Maybelline Master Class held by my favorite beauty gurus Desi Perkins and Katy Degroot! This event was a lot of fun! They had a huge area where guests could get touch ups with Maybelline products. The master class was really cool because Desi and Katy shared some of their best makeup tips with the audience and we saw exactly how they create a beauty look.

NYFW Maybelline

Jx4 Cuso Runway:

Emerging designer duo Jaxon Yang and Creative Director Nina Cuso presented their inaugural entry into the New York Fashion Week calendar with a runway show for their label, JXY n' Cuso. The collection was inspired by nightmares and a dimension that is unidentified. The colors used within this collection were carefully selected and are well known vessels and representatives of power, Crimson red for blood, Navy Blue for the Ocean, Porcelain White for light, and Pitch black for darkness. My personal favorite was the red leather dress. It was such a powerful look!

Images provided by Getty Images

Color by Nandi Presentation:

Nandi Madida is a South African media personality, fashion designer, musician, and actress who has been captivating audiences since the age of eight.  Colour. In its second year, the line has expanded and become loved by several of Nandi’s fans as well as customers worldwide. The collection displayed a bold color palette of red, rust, crimson, and black based print. My favorite was the red strapless tuxedo gown.

Images provided by Getty Images

Rachel Pollak Runway: 

From Overland Park, Kansas, Rachel is the womenswear designer for Rachel Pollak Designs, who loves designing classic and modern fashion. The designs appeal to a woman who is strong, sophisticated, and feminine, who loves mixing colors, patterns and textures to create a wearable statement. I loved the black jumpsuit with a pop of pink!

Images provided by Getty Images


For a super busy day at NYFW, I wore a power suit. I wore a Red blazer, red pants, pink faux fur, and pink sock boots. For accessories I wore a Daniel Wellington watch, pink crystal sunglasses, red lip earrings, and a red bag. You know I love a pink and red combination! 


Day 4: February 11, 2018

Vivi Zubedi Runway:

Zubedi's talent for combining textures, patterns, and embellishments was apparent. The designer mixed traditionally Muslim silhouettes like hijabs and abayas with sportswear elements like printed sneakers and gold embellished baseball caps.  Written across the caps and select velvet jumpers in the collection was "Banua Borneo"-- a region of Indonesia that Vivi Zubedi wishes to bring attention to. 

Vivi Zubedi's collection utilized the weavers' beautiful original fabrics from South Kalimantan. The difficult techniques used in the process of making these fabrics is what makes them so special. The human resources who created the traditional fabrics are women ranging from teenagers, to adults and elders. Vivi believes these women should be highly praised as they conserve Kalimantan’s traditions. Vivi dreamt to improve the economy of these entrepreneurs by introducing Kalimantan’s traditional fabric to the international fashion industry at NYFW.  

A rich, yet earthy color palette of velvet and the subtly printed artisan materials was embellished with flashy gold chains, crystals, and pearls. Wrapped coats in black and white polka dot, navy velvet, and ikat printed fabrics were decked out with zippers, beads, girly bows, oversized belts and Victorian collars stole the show along with Zubedi's stylish sneakers and mini handbags.  

Images provided by Getty

Angela Mitchell Presentation:

Emerging designer sisters Krystal and Marilyn Lavoie presented their Angela Mitchell FW18 collection with a presentation during New York Fashion Week. For Fall/Winter 2018, the designers have drawn inspiration from their perilous journey through Morrocco's infamous Tizi n'Tichka road, which is considered one of the most beautiful and dangerous in Morocco. Primary colors and semi-precious jewels reminiscent of Moroccan landscapes were clearly visible in every shoe design. The women's collection offers seven contemporary and classic styles. Among the many intricately-detailed shoes, the 'Tichka' boot embellished with tribal patterns were my favorite pair! Swarovski crystal appliqués in jet, silver night, and hematite sparkle against leathers mastered by Italian artisans. 



Day 7: February 14, 2018

Leanne Marshall Runway: 

Leanne Marshall New York Fashion Week runway show brought romantic elegance with a hint of edge to Spring Studios. The collection started off displaying chunky knitwear pieces, subtly striped separates, and oversized jackets. The the mood slowly changed with a vibrant runway consisting of chartreuse, charcoal, midnight navy, dusty rose, metallic bronze, citron, and cyan. The unexpected color combinations flowed gorgeously from one capsule to the next with her signature silk chiffon silhouettes, wool shift dresses, and organic cotton outerwear. I love the details of wavy, scalloped cutouts that added a touch of drama. Each piece in the collection was crafted sustainably, whether from leftover, hand-dyed bridal materials or organically sourced cottons. 

The show also featured a bevy of beautiful faces in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Forty models strutted the runway, many of whom were plus sized and real sized, echoing the designer's desire to dress all women. Flaunting the beauty of every body, Leanne chose to steer away from the norm and feature fitted, body-hugging silhouettes.   

Images by IMAXtree



Until next New York Fashion Week...

New York Fashion Week Recap Part 2

NYFW continued busy but still very fun! I met so many great people this week. I also got a chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers that I followed on Instagram. The second half of fashion week was more calm and I got to enjoy the shows with my friends (which for me is the best part of fashion week). We discuss what we liked, what trends we can't wait to try, and just catching up. The weather in NYC also cooled down which was amazing for all of us fashionistas.

NYFW Day 4.....I think....this is when it all became a blur...

Rosenthal Tee SS17 Runway 

I started off Day 4 with an evening show at Pier 59. I was excited to see this show because it was another new designer that I was not familiar with. Rosenthal Tee's collection was a beautiful surprise! I loved the mix between structured pieces like jackets and corsets mixed with soft skirts. Her attention to detail is really unique. I really loved the cutouts in the shoulders and the feather embellishment. 

Photos from Rosenthal Tee website

Christina Ruales SS17 Presentation

Later on the same night, my friends and I, headed over to the Chelsea Market (super cute place in NYC) to the Inglot Studios for the Christina Ruales SS17 Presentation. The setting of the presentation was really unique. Instead of a traditional runway, there was an empty space in the center- similar to a stage setting. I did't know what to expect, but was really excited to find out. 

The show began by one model walking to center stage. Several other models came out shortly after. The music changed and they began dancing. Models were also ballerinas who danced beautifully in the SS17 collection.

Next day

Irina Vitjaz SS17 Runway Show

This was a great show to start the morning off! I loved every single piece that came down the runway! Vitjaz used the most beautiful color palette from pastel greens, lavenders, to bright pinks, and rich blues. The silhouettes were very feminine- fitted mermaid gowns, drapy blouses, and voluminous skirts. The materials were soft and moved so graciously down the runway. I loved the hair & makeup to the music. The show truly took you away to a romantic place and I was definitely wishing I was wearing one of the gowns by the end of the show!

Blogger and the Brand Event 

The Blogger and Brand  held by Ombre Digital  was so much fun! It was held in the Lower East Side (love that NYC neighborhood). When you walked in, the whole staircase was lit up in pink!! I freaked out in the inside because I was in complete love!

At the event, I got a chance to meet a ton of new fashion and lifestyle bloggers as well as many interesting new brands. There was also a great panel Q&A with successful bloggers and people in the fashion/ marketing agency that spoke about their experiences in blogging and working with brands. It was really insightful to see both the brand and the bloggers point of view! If you are a new blogger, definitely check out Ombre Digital. 

Later that week

Nolcha Fashion Show

There were three amazing new designers who displayed their collection at the Nolcha shows. Syu Syu Han, Nikistavia, and Cashmere Song showed great SS17 collections.  

Syu Syu Han was tough and bold. I loved the corsets and leather pieces. It gave the soft skirts an edge.  

Cashmere Song made me feel like I was wearing cashmere during the show. The looks we're soft and romantic. I also loved how the whole collection was all ivory. 

Photography by Ashley Gallerani


Till next NYFW...