7 Little Ways to Improve Your Style In 2017 In A Big Way

We are a couple weeks into the new year, and some of us might already be done with all the new resolutions we made. However, letting your style go shouldn't be one of them! 

1.       Gray T-Shirt

A simple grey t-shirt is the new staple. Wear it with boyfriend jeans, layer it under a gown, top it off with a flirty skirt, wear with a blazer and trousers for work, the options are endless! 

2.       Socks with Heels

To add a twist and more attention to your shoes, add a pair of fun socks! It's a simple yet eye-catching. Whether is a plain pair of white socks with a fun pair of shoes, fish nets with pumps, or a colorful printed socks with sneakers, it's a fun way to upgrade your shoe game! 

Socks with Heels www.kritys.com

3.       More Dresses!

Try putting on a red dress this year. I know, I know, red is a very bold color and so many women I talk to constantly say "red is not my color". I beg to differ! There is a shade of red that looks great on every single skin tone. If you're not ready to try red yet, throw on a great dress anyway! Trust me, you'll feel amazing! 

Red Dress www.kritys.com
Little Red Dress www.kritys.com

4.       Mix Prints!

Mixing prints can be quite challenging and intimating. My favorite prints to mix are animal and plaid. They are both very bold prints yet very standard and understandable. An easy way to mix prints is through accessories. For example, next time you get dressed. Throw on a plaid scarf, cheetah booties or clutch, or a stripped shoes. The combinations are endless!

Print Mixing www.krityshrestha.com
Print Mixing www.kritys.com

5.       Wear weird yet fashionable color combos

Blush with mustard, forest green with light pink, baby blue and burgundy, just to give a few examples. These unusual color combos make an outfit really interesting and unique. It can be as simple as wearing a solid forest green sweater with a light pink skirt. 

6.       Belt your blazer

Belting a blazer is an easy way to  upgrade the blazer. All you need is a belt (skinny or wide) and a blazer. Both items that are probably sitting in your closet already right? So give it a try and upgrade your style.

*inspiration image below
Belted Blazer www.kritys.com

7.       Layer with two coats

Why wear one coat when you can wear two?! First, it will keep you warmer. Second, it's a great way to mix prints. Third, it's very fashionable. I like to belt my undercoat and leave the outer coat open. This is a great way to layer in the fall and winter months.

Double Coat www.kritys.com