5 Summer Items I Can't Live Without

This summer has been a really hot one and there have been a few pieces that have kept me sane!

1. Birkenstocks- The most comfortable shoes I own, even more than sneakers. They are my favorite pair of shoes! Yes, even over all the cute statement shoes. They are incredibly light, have great support, and their new styles are pretty stylish. Birkenstocks have changed my life and I am a true believer! They are the perfect shoes to walk all around NYC

2. Sunglasses- Can't live without them during the summer. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun rays but they also help prevent wrinkles. The bigger the better and the more reflective the funner.

3. Little white dress- It is the summer version of the little black dress. I can't get enough white this summer as you can see here, here, and here

4. Cross body bag- No hands ma! You have both hands to hold shopping bags, throw both hands as you dance the night away, or double fist with ice cool drinks. Whatever you decide, it's great to have both hands open while still carrying all your necessities. See some of my favorite looks with a cross body bag here and here

5. Sunscreen Lotion- The answer to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. I never leave the house without sunscreen during the summer! Don't forget to get your neck, chest, and shoulders! My favorite for these parts is Cerve. For the body, I love Banana Boat. See more on summer beauty essentials here.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!